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Title: The Ice Demon
Author: Lizardbeth
Genre: Crossover
Series: Thor//Frozen/Captain America
Summary:  Centuries before Loki found out the secret of his heritage in MCU canon, Odin and Frigga told him the truth. Loki fled Asgard to Earth, where he remained in self-exile for a hundred years.


"I have little patience for propriety, Elsa," he said, with a flashing grin. Despite the admission and highly improper use of her given name, she couldn't help smiling back.

"Oh?" She lifted her brows. "And by what name should I call you, stranger?"

He opened his mouth to answer, and then hesitated, as if reconsidering, before saying simply, "Loki."

"Like the pagan god?" she asked. It was curious and rare to name a child for one of the old gods, especially the most ill-omened one.

His lips curled upward, in definite amusement. "Very like, and yet not like at all."

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Author: Lorelei Sieja
Title: The persecuted
Fandom: Forever Knight/ Star Trek Voyager
Genre: Crossover
Summary: Ever since being stranded in the Delta Quadrant with the rest of the Starship Voyager Nick Knight has kept his head down.   But, it seems his luck may have run out.


His teeth tingled. The faint sound of Tom’s even pulse filled his head, growing louder and more enticing. He felt the hunger grow; it consumed him. He tried to concentrate on his task, but the drive to feed was too compelling. With a fierce, chilling growl he demanded two units of artificial blood from the replicator.

He tore the bag open and drained the contents. It tasted flat and unsatisfying. The second package disappeared as quickly as the first, but did nothing to slake his burning hunger. He had only felt this way twice before in all his 1147 years as a vampire! First, when LaCroix, the ancient vampire who brought him across with the promise of immortality, back in the thirteenth century, and then many years later when he became infected from a medicine developed to cure aids at the end of the twentieth century. But now he was hungry again. The hunger of the first blood. He was sick, and he was alone- a lone vampire among a small band of red-blooded mortals who knew nothing about him.


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Author: black.k.kat
Title: Backslide
Fandom: Naruto
Summary: Sometimes, even the softest breath on still water can create tsunamis. Several weeks before meeting his genin team, Kakashi is sent to find a bounty hunter responsible for the deaths of five missing-nin, all rumored to be part of a secret organization. But Uzumaki Kurama is far different than anyone expected, and ripples are starting to spread.


“Who sealed your sorry soul away to honor your last, dying request?” Kurama retorts without any heat. “I could have left you in that river, you know.”

The look Obito gives him is one part incredulous to three parts droll. “Really? And lost your best chance of beating my past self? Even you're too smart for that, brat.”

Kurama waves him off, rising to his feet with smooth grace. “Maa. Just so long as you're prepared to hunt down that stupid cousin of yours at any point now. With the Nagato and Konan in hiding and the rest dead, he’s going to be getting nervous.”

“You’ll have to be more specific,” Obito drawls. “Which stupid cousin? I have several.”

With an eye-roll of his own, Naruto answers, “The really stupid one,” and ends his meditation with a flick of his fingers.

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Author: Tassos
Title: Wish You Were Here
Genre: Crossover
Fandom: Haven/Criminal Minds
Summary: When the FBI's BAU follow a serial killer to Haven, Maine, they find that murder and mystery are a lot more complicated in the unassuming sea-side town. The local cops don't want them there, the crime scenes don't make sense, and it doesn't take long for them to get in over their heads.


"Can I help you?" he asked, glancing around for a uniform to pawn her off on. The rest of the team and the Haven detectives were in the office compiling their notes from the morning.

"Yeah, you can tell Nathan that the next time he wants me to look at dead girls he should ask after I've finished the back nine. I was four under par when he called." She brandished a folder that had the Haven PD stamp across it.

"You must be the medical examiner," Hotch guessed.

"Dr. Gloria Verrano. Retired. I keep telling them that and it doesn't stick. You've got one fucked up case here."

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Author: Bibliotecaria
Title: Backstage
Series: Backstage
Fandom: Transformers Generation One
Summary: The Decepticons conquered worlds, terrorized the galaxy, landed on Earth, and became amazingly stupid. Even more amazingly, the Autobots keep falling for it.


It shouldn’t have worked. The Autobots never should have fallen for it. It was just too…obvious.

As Frenzy and Rumble put it when first given their assignment in this plan, “Look at the shiny thing!”

“Ooo, so shiny.”

“Yep. Now, you keep looking at the shiny thing.”

“What’s that over there?”

“Not a shiny thing. See the shiny thing?”

“It is very shiny. What was I looking at?”

“The shiny thing!”

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Author: Kimberley Rector and Martha Wilson
Fandom: Hercules
Genre: Humor/Suspense
Summary: In which Hercules (not for the first time) wishes he were an only child. 


Iolaus sighed. "Oh yeah, this is going to be a fun evening." This whole lousy day could have been avoided if he and Hercules hadn't walked into the palace late last night in full view of the Parthian King and his entourage, who had all assumed they were here for the banquet in honor of Perseus.

They had arrived at the farm after a long trip back from Illyria but Jason hadn't been there and the housekeeper had told them that Iphicles had an urgent message for them, so they had dropped off their belongings and gone on to Corinth. Unfortunately, the message from Iphicles that had gone astray had been "Don't come to Corinth."

(The Perils of Perseus)

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Author: HiltonK
Fandom: Magnificient Seven and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Genre: Crossover
Summary: The best Xander's real Father story that I have ever read.  The fact that it is a series just makes it better.


“Are your dates usually this exciting?” Chris asked mockingly.

“This? Nah; mild peril, tops. Usually it’s much, much worse.” Xander didn’t have to fake the shudder that ran through him. “I think it’s time once again to declare myself celibate.”

And this

Frowning, Buck turned to Ezra. “This is all your fault, Ez.”

“My fault? Just how exactly did you reach that conclusion, Mr. Wilmington?” Ezra drawled.

“Well, seeing as he’s your boy and knowing your track record as well as I do, clearly it’s your genes that made him such a trouble magnet,” Buck answered smugly, turning to leave the other men to deal with the now-glowering carpenter.

“Xander, I can hardly be held at fault for the chance selection of nature,” Ezra proffered, at the disgruntled glare he was receiving from his offspring.

“I wouldn’t count on it. Do you have any idea the years of hell I’ve been through thanks to your genetic predisposition to attract trouble?” Xander threw a wink at Chris and Vin as he stalked off to where he could see Chris’s van parked.

“Xander, wait. I…” Ezra hurried after his son, who had begun bemoaning the ‘Standish Curse’.

(What Was Never Missed)
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Author: Cindy Combs
Fandom: Mostly Macgyver and Sentinel.  Some stories with others.
Genre: Crossover
Summary: Great series where Blair Sandburg is Macgyver's son.  Multiple stories.


"Am I Blair's father?"

Both Joel's and Simon's jaws hit the floor at the same time. Jim continued to watch.

Naomi struggled to find the words. "But, but you're DEAD!"

Mac blinked. That certainly was not an answer he had expected. "What do you mean, I'm dead?"


Mac rolled his eyes to the ceiling in frustration. "Naomi, do I LOOK dead?"

(The Stories)

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Author: KrystalRoze
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Drama
Summary: It's Harry's fifth year and he's finally able to escape the Dursleys only to find that Voldemort has other plans. After numberous failed attempts to rid himself of the Gryffindor brat, Lord Voldemort now knows he must change tactics.  Links to four stories below in order.


            Harry looked up at Ron.  “Join Voldemort,” said Harry.  “The wizard who murdered my parents, has been trying to kill me since I was a year old, who now treats me like his favorite pet and derives great satisfaction in seeing me in agony?  That Voldemort?  Of course.  I’m looking forward to it.”

            Ron laughed.  Hermione looked horrified.

            “Oh, Harry,” said Hermione.  “It just doesn’t seem fair.  All the stuff you have to deal with.”

            “Well as long as I have you two to help me, I guess I’ll do all right.  And I have a back up plan.”

            “You do?” said Ron.  “What is it?”

            “I’ll change my name, move to Bulgaria and play Quidditch with Viktor Krum.”

Slytherin Connection

Unexpected Inheritance

Trelawney Prophesy

Salazar's Talisman

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Author: Edmondia Dantes
Fandom: Gargoyles
Genre: Suspense
Summary: Someone new shows up, and he is not a friend. Especially not where Owen Burnett is concerned.


~So what's his name?~


~Monsieur Fruit Loops.~

~Don't you remember?~

Puck looked up, his weariness plain on his face, his movements sluggish. ~Does it look like I remember anything other than my name and serial number?~ he questioned slowly.

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Author: GinaD
Fandom: Due South/Magnificent Seven ATF
Genre: Crossover
Summary: When a plane goes down some groups aren't so willing to give up their friends for dead.


Setting his pack down, the dark haired man pulled a small leather covered scope out of his pocket using it to scan the meadow below. On the third pass movement on the other side near the edge of the treeline caught his attention. The large white wolfdog at his side whined questioningly.

"I have no idea who they are."

Another whine, then a sharp bark were uttered.

"Yes they do look well armed but that doesn't necessarily make them dangerous." At the wolf's growl the man lowered his scope and looked down. "Not everyone we meet shoots at us. Don't be melodramatic."

(Due Seven)

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Author: madeleine G.
Fandom: White Collar
Genre: V-day
Summary: El asks Neal to paint her portrait as a surprise Valentine's Day gift for Peter.


At Neal's apartment following that disastrous, dangerous dinner, Mozzie watched Neal work at his easel. Mozzie casually inquired "Do you think it is wise to be privately entertaining your keeper's beloved wife? You do know the man can send you back to prison anytime he wants."

Neal answered dryly, "Yeah, right after he shoots me."

Mozzie asked "So? Why are you doing this?"

Neal aimed a look at Moz. "You tried to say no to Elizabeth. How did that work for you?"

The Portrait
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Author: windfallsest
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Fic Series: Dirty Dancing
Summary: Fem!Harry has a little opsie.


"Miss Dresden," said John Marcone, "fancy meeting you here."

"Can we do this while we walk, Marcone? I've got a spell going." I said it a little abstractedly, recovering the focus that had begun to fray. It was hard enough doing this with the kid turning summersaults on my pancreas.

"Of course." Marcone fell in beside me, easily matching my somewhat reduced pace. "I'd hate to inter—Harry! You're pregnant!"

Ha, Marcone didn't know everything after all. "Don't call me Harry. Excellent powers of deduction there, by the way. I'm due in December; you can put that in the disturbing and possibly actionable stalker-file you keep on me."

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Title: Brothers
Author: Evander
Fandom: Naruto
Summary: Uzumaki Kushina was not the only woman the Yondaime Hokage ever loved, nor was Naruto his only child.

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Title: The Dragon King's Temple
Author: Kryal
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Stargate/Avatar:the last airbender
Summary: The spite of the spirits opened a door better left untouched. On the other hand, with Fire and Earth as one's allies, sometimes escaping is the easy part.


Then the Jaffa and the boy were both flying through the air to slam into opposite walls. Zuko crashed against the wall next to the door. The Jaffa nearly collided with Janet and the little girl, Toph – only the doctor's hasty grab to pull the girl out of the way kept both of them from cushioning the impact. Even so, the Jaffa shook her head and started to reel to her feet.

Then Toph shouted, snapped her hands out, and the solid cement under the Jaffa's feet rose up, dumping her down on her back, and then crashed back down.

By the time Zuko managed to shove himself back onto his feet, a little dazed but otherwise apparently undamaged, the Jaffa was buried up to her neck in solid concrete, like someone buried in sand at the beach. The strangest part was that, from her expression, she was torn between irritation, admiration, and amusement.

Especially when the little girl crowed, stepped on top of the cement prison, and began what was unmistakably a victory dance.

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Author: Anon Fills
Genre: Crossover:
Fandoms: My Little Pony and Avengers

"He just looked so very, very sad, and tired. ‘Pinkie Pie Lokisdottir,’ he said. ‘Bearer of the Element of Laughter. And a goddess in your own right, even if it’s never acknowledged, never known. I am the God of Lies, and you are my daughter, and that makes you a goddess.’ She didn’t know where he was going by this, but she didn’t like it. ‘Goddess of Laughter, of Joy, of Happiness. It’s very fitting. Happiness is only ever the daughter of Lies.’"

There is also this one which I found when I was searching for it.


Mar. 16th, 2013 04:29 pm
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Title: Sympathy for the Devil (and Dean Winchester
Author: TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: After the final Seal is broken, Dean discovers that he's actually Lucifer. He's not really sure how he feels about that. The forces of Heaven and Hell aren't exactly making things easier.


Frigging cows! Fuck off, you walking pieces of hamburger! I mean it! Shoo!

In spite of everything Sam had just been told, he couldn’t help but feel curious about where Dean had ended up after being banished.

“Where are you?” he asked again.

Uh… somewhere in Iowa? My angel-GPS is kind of wonky right now. Yeah, Iowa, and I’m standing in a field being harassed by friendly cows. Ugh! Oh, gross, one of the fuckers just freaking licked me!” The next few words were all curses, presumably as Dean tried to fend off the cows.

“This is fucked-up,” said Sam. He wasn’t talking about the cows, although he had to admit that sounded pretty fucked-up, too.

Dude, I spent most of last night telling myself that. It didn’t help.” Dean hesitated. “Are we okay?

Sam snorted.

“You’re Satan, Dean. How the hell is that supposed to be okay.”

It’s not my fault.” Dean sounded distinctly sulky.

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Title: the Faked Death Job
Author: BGeek
Fandom: Angel/Leverage
Genre: Crossover
Summary: Another story where Eliot and Lindsey and brothers. Eliot fakes his death for a job with unintended consequences. No ships.


Eliot groaned and closed his eyes, trying to sink into the couch, when his face appeared on the screen.

Well, not his face.

Lindsey's face.

But really, same difference.

"Is that… lawyer Eliot?" Parker sat up straighter.

"It's Lindsey McDonald." Hardison pointed at the caption in the lower corner.

"You have an evil twin?" Parker arched an eyebrow at him.

"I'm a hitter, and he's the evil twin?"

"He's a lawyer."

True enough.

Eliot groaned again. "My brother thinks I'm dead." He pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to imagine explaining this to Aunt Mae.

"He not only thinks you're dead, but he's pissed about it." Hardison pulled up a news story which listed Lindsey's accomplishments and whistled quietly. "Nate's so screwed."

(To Fic)

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Title: Loki Sky-Treader
Author: Zeta_Tauri
Fandom: Thor
Summary: Loki spends too much time in his room, Thor's decided. The solution to this problem is clearly to drag Loki out to Vanaheimr for an adventure!


“Father,” Loki greeted as he gingerly took a knee and placed his fist over his chest. Thor did the same, placing the gryphon on the ground before him before he saluted.

“We have come from the kingdom of Stoneholm in Niðavellir," said Loki. "We have brought back a gift. The land there was overrun by gryphons. We slew all but this one in the name of Asgard.”

Thor gave Loki a dubious look. While everything Loki said was technically true, it also seemed the biggest lie Thor had ever heard.

After a moment, Odin smiled. “You have done well,” he said. “It pleases me that Thor has begun to teach you these things.”

“Yes, Father,” Loki said, inclining his head. “But I fear I only got in the way. I am not suited for this sort of thing.”

Thor couldn’t help the incredulity that showed so plainly on his face. Nor could he believe that Odin seemed to believe every word Loki said.

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Title: Personal Hell
Author: Miko
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Characters: Jack Frost and Pitch Black
Summary: Enemies sometimes make the best allies when it comes down to the wire.


Another groan was followed by a wracking cough, telling him that his new companion at least wasn't faring much better than he was. There was a shuffling noise, then a muffled exclamation. "Pitch?" a hoarse but vaguely familiar voice said. "Under other circumstances I'd demand to know what the hell you were up to, but... you don't look much better than I feel." Another cough. "Maybe worse, actually. Ugh, it's too HOT in here."

It was the comment about the temperature that finally let Pitch pair the voice with a remembered face. "Jack Frost," he snarled, far from happy with the discovery. "Well, that explains why they've decided to attempt to broil me. I thought they'd decided that since I was being uncooperative, they might as well get a meal out of me."



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